Law & Justice

We affirm liberty and justice for everyone residing in the U..S.. according to the Constitution and believe that criminal justice and human rights are linked. We support the legal principles upon which our free and democratic society relies.

We believe:

  • in the “Smart Justice Campaign”
  • our constitutionally protected rights are worth preserving , especially in times of national stress
  • violence should not be tolerated in our communities
  • authorities and communities must work together, assume responsibility for safety and prevention of crime, and make neighborhoods livable
  • in rehabilitation over incarceration for non-violent offenders
  • government should help alleviate the social conditions which contribute to crime
  • comprehensive crime prevention must include youth programs
  • property forfeiture should be permitted only after criminal conviction
  • corporate officers and boards should be held responsible for actions and malfeasance of their companies
  • mandatory prior approval and supervision by a court in matters involving domestic surveillance
  • supporting the scientific and appropriate use of criminal profiling for public safety includes opposing the use of racial profiling in any form
  • our jails are not a dumping ground for the mentally ill

We support:

  • a citizen’s constitutional right to own firearms and use them for legal purposes
  • background checks
  • application of the Geneva Conventions to all detainees
  • combating addiction and substance abuse by focusing on treatment and education
  • adequate state funding for indigent defendants in all criminal cases
  • timely DNA testing in criminal prosecutions drug, family and veterans courts

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