We believe that economic fairness is a cornerstone of a democratic society and that a living wage is a basic right. We strive for international trade that supports the Democratic values of fairness, environmental responsibility and strong workers rights.

We support:

  • unions and organized labor
  • equal pay for equal work
  • creating and maintaining a minimum wage that is a living wage
  • maintaining the rights of all workers to organize and use mediation, arbitration, and the right to strike without fear of reprisal or replacement
  • maintaining a separate and dedicated Social Security Trust Fund and disabled and dependent survivor Social Security benefits
  • a workers’ “Bill of Rights”
  • oversight and protection within unions to guarantee the security of pension retirement plans
  • unemployment and retraining benefits for workers laid off or locked out by employers
  • a declaration that minimum wage should not include tips
  • access to quality affordable childcare
  • opposing and repealing right-to-work laws designed to bust unions

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