Government & Political Reform

Government must reflect our values as citizens. Our government must be fiscally sound, operate ethically, and be transparent and accountable to the people.

We believe:

  • taxes are the price of a civil society
  • we want our taxes to be levied fairly and spent efficiently
  • the basis of good governance lies in rational discourse and working with opposition parties for progress
  • all government agencies should be appropriately funded
  • voter suppression harms our democracy

We support:

  • fair, voter-verifiable, and auditable voting systems
  • an open and fair blanket primary system for Washington State
  • public financing of election campaigns
  • enforcement of all open meeting laws
  • measures that prevent privatizing, or off-shoring of governmental public services
  • limits on private and corporate funding of campaigns
  • transparency and open disclosure of campaign donations
  • funding and resources addressing the problem of homelessness in our communities
  • establishing a progressive tax system at both the state and federal level

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