Environment & Energy

Every individual has a fundamental right to clean air, safe food and water, and a healthy natural environment.

We support:

  • efforts to make energy security a reality for our nation
  • maintaining public lands
  • development of clean, efficient, renewable sources of power
  • policies that give priority to the preservation of biodiversity, and the protection of ecosystems and watersheds
  • strong public policy that restores and preserves wilderness, and other environmentally sensitive areas
  • state and local land-use regulations
  • Spokane River and Spokane Valley/Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer cleanup
  • the Growth Management Act
  • restoration and cleanup of contaminated lands and water
  • reducing the use of persistent toxic chemicals and pesticides
  • the reuse and recycling of materials
  • biomass conversion
  • science conducted without the interference of politics
  • preventing waste disposal, mineral extraction, exploitation or transport in any environmentally sensitive area
  • opposing the import of new nuclear waste to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation
  • keeping the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) intact
  • strict regulation of “fracking”
  • establishing a fair system of paying for community and planned growth
  • maintaining an adequate ratio of low-income and disabled housing

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