Economy, Corporate Power & Media

We believe a strong and stable economy is essential to the workings of a democracy. In a global market, government has a role to ensure that markets are free of special interest manipulation.

The Economy

We support:

  • jobs-related economic stimulus programs that renew our infrastructure
  • international trade based on fair trade including living wages and environmental protection oversight
  • regulation of investment banks
  • return to fair bankruptcy laws
  • elimination of predatory lending and the re-instituting of “usury” laws

Corporate Power

We believe:

  • corporations are vital to our economy and standard of living, but corporations are not people.
  • business-friendly laws can be beneficial.

We support:

  • substantial penalties against corporations that violate our laws
  • the growth of entrepreneurship and small business by giving tax incentives to those who create jobs within our borders
  • limiting corporate contributions to elections


We support:

  • internet neutrality
  • a diversity of media ownership because it benefits a free society
  • laws requiring all major media outlets provide free and equal access to political candidates
  • encouraging minority and community media ownership
  • funding for public broadcasting, nonprofit, and non-commercial radio and TV
  • affordable access to broadband internet in all areas

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