Please Vote!

Have you received your ballot yet?  If not, give the Elections office a call at 509-477-2320.  Have you ballot and need to send it in — either put a stamp on it and put it in the mail by November 3rd or find your closest ballot dropbox at .  These are important elections for our quality of life in the City of Spokane and Spokane Valley and in the many wonderful  communities of our County.  I live in Spokane and you see a little piece of my ballot here!  The Spokane County Democrats have made endorsements on many races including many issues on your ballot.  Take a look on this webpage to see these endorsements.

October is a time when the money starts flying.  Mayor Condon has not only raised obscene amounts of money from his corporate friends.  He is spending it on himself for sure but also throwing his weight around to get his friends elected to the Spokane City Council.  We have the power to stop him and to help Elect Shar Lichty as Mayor.  Even if you don’t live in the City, this is important to our life in the whole County.  Please vote and help us to get Shar Lichty’s Ads more often on the air and on more TV stations.  You can donate here for a Spokane we deserve.

Thanks for your support,

Jim CastroLang, Chair
Spokane County