NO on Spokane County Prop 1

The Spokane County Democratic Party asks that you Vote NO on Spokane County Proposition 1 for these reasons:

  • More Cost, No More Representation:  This is like taxation without further representation.  Do you want more of your taxpayer dollars spent on Commissioner salaries when they will not bring better representation to your part of the County.  Elect by district, represent you in your district.  And there is a better way to get there.  This is not it!
  • Bipartisan Commission to draw District Boundaries:  Unless you vote NO, this feuding gang of Commissioners would have a freehand to draw district boundaries to their political gain.  This is more than an appearance of conflict of interest.  We have asked for this independent body to draw the districts.  They say no so we must vote no!
  • Tell Commissioners to focus on the important issues, not this distraction:  Delaying the selection of a new CEO, the revamping of the criminal justice system and many other important issues at hand need the commissioners’ attention. To work on enlarging the board without a freeholder process will subject the commissioners to criticism and distract them from these important tasks at hand.
  • Just Wrong:  This is the wrong legislation at the wrong time.
  • The Right Way to Do it!: Step 1, vote NO on Prop 1 in November.  Step 2, work with us as we call for our people in our County to write our own Charter which will allow us to do this the right way for us.  Other Counties in Washington have written home rule charters which will allow us to elect our Commissioners by district.  You will then have your representative on the Board of Commissioners who represent your interests from your part of the County.  This is true representative democracy.

Jim CastroLang, Chair of the Spokane County Democrats gave testimony to the Board of County Commissioners at a September 29th public hearing.  Read Jim’s testimony here.

Will you help us get the word out about this bad idea from our County Commissioners?  It takes money to get the word to voters.  Every little bit helps.  Vote NO and help us send a responding NO message to this commissioners.  Donate here so we can do better!