Democrats Celebrate Justice for All Loving Couples

The White House changed its Twitter profile picture today.  As the Supreme Court has brought marriage equality to the whole country, the Spokane County Democrats are grateful.  Democrats have a steady history of fighting for equality.  Equality in love is a family values issue.  While Washington State voters gave us marriage equality in 2012, these couples did not have their marriages recognized in most states.  If they moved because of job and family, their love and marriage was not recognize.  Today, justice has come and equality for all loving couples are here.  Democrats have walked with so many who have sacrificed for this day.  Where have Republicans been?  They were no shows at the recent Spokane Pride Parade and Festival.  If not showing bigotry or disgust then they have been silent to the injustice.  Watch  as the Republicans slowly try to catch up with Americans and the Supreme Court.  The Spokane County Democrats will continue work for justice and equality for all.  Today we celebrate the equality of love.  Today we celebrate all loving couples and this day where the “arc of history has bent again toward justice.”   Jim CastroLang, Chair of the Spokane County Democrats