All Things Caucus – March 26, 10 AM

Here is everything that will help you participate in our Presidential Precinct Caucus on March 26th.

  1. Know your precinct number and location:  Find this and more at
  2. Preregister online and print it off – avoiding the lines at your Caucus site –
  3. Everything you need to know for Caucus day and everything that leads to picking our nominee at the Democratic National Convention is in this Caucus Guide:
  4. Bernie Sanders is coming to Spokane this Sunday, March 20th at 6 PM at the Spokane Convention Center.  We hope Hillary Clinton will come in the next few days but we don’t have any information at this time.
  5. If you are not registered to vote, you can register at your Caucus site.  You need to know your precinct and caucus location.  Call us at 509-324-8525 and we can help you.