Matthew Sutherland, Candidate for 9th LD, Position

Matthew J. Sutherland| 253-282-3000 |


Intimately familiar with most computer software and has basic coding skills in C++

Lead and manage large groups of people consistently conducing positive progress from multiple sub-groups

Excellent communication skills, both oral and written

Wide range of demonstrated quantitative (math, physics, personnel organization and structure) and qualitative (social science, personnel relationships, team building, and motivation) problem solving skills


Organized multiple foreign and domestic civilian and military groups to aid in successfully building a medical addition during a humanitarian aid mission in El Salvador

Led and coordinated over 100 personnel as a Bridge Commander to complete a river crossing operation

Used data collection and personal mentorship skills to increase the pass rate of Physical Fitness from 70% to 90% in my unit

Certified expertise in air movement/assault operations and advised the commander for these operations

Rated “Among the Best” (highest rating category) for yearly leadership evaluations.

Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for the 671st EN Co (2013)

Conducted experimental analysis and data collection in a professional lab setting

Made quasi-judicial decisions that balance letter of the law and intent on the Pullman Board of adjustment showcasing judgement that is both fair and impartial

Demonstrated community building skills by building positive relationships between the Police and the community through the Police Advisory Committee

Demonstrated ability to do research and write effectively through several “Writing in the Major” courses which emphasize writing development


2012-2016 Political Science Pre-Law BA

Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Courses also taken in Chemistry, Computer Science, Math to include Calculus II and Linear Algebra, complete Physics for Engineers series and Modern Physics I

Lab Assistant, Dr. Brian Collins Research Group


Researching Organic Photo-Voltaic


United States Army Reserve/NG – Officer Candidate

2011– Present

Promoted to Sergeant in NOV 2013 | Officer Candidate as of NOV 2016

Community Involvement

Board of Directors – Michael F. Lange Charitable Foundation
Elected DEC 2016

Member of the Pullman Board of Adjustment
Appointed by Mayor, Confirmed by City Council SEP2015

Member of the Pullman Police Advisory Committee
Elected by Board SEP2015

WSU Rugby Team
Officer on the team in 2014

Job Experience

Held various positions over the last four years including janitor at A+ Cleaning Services, Weight Room Attendant and Membership Services at University Recreation (UREC), and Server at Tokyo Seoul.

Spokane County Democrats 2018 Partisan Certification/Endorsement Questionnaire

Name: Matthew Sutherland

Position Sought: Leg District 09 – House (Position 2)

Campaign Address: PO Box 186, Pullman WA 99163

Campaign Manager: Josh Maasberg

Campaign Phone: (509) 619-6844

Candidate Phone: (253) 282-3000


Web Page:

  1. Why are you a Democrat? Are you known as a Democrat? If not, explain.

I am a Democrat because I care about people. I want to increase quality of life for others, protect equality for all, and raise the floor on what it means to live in America. Before I became a candidate, I was consistently involved as a precinct committee officer with my local party organization in Whitman County, and I was engaged as a local Democratic activist. My campaign’s platform is completely in-line with that of our party, and our messaging includes issues at the core of our values as Democrats.

  1. How long have you been registered to vote? Have you missed any elections in the past three years?

I have been registered to vote since I was 18. While I have missed elections in the past, I have voted consistently since the 2016 Democratic caucus I was involved in, which spurred my desire to get involved at the next level as a precinct committee officer, and now as a candidate.

  1. Do you support the Spokane County Democratic Platform, Why or Why Not?  (see


  1. What ratings or endorsements have you received to date?

Although not currently published (as we plan to do so in a strategic manner), my campaign has secured endorsements from Erin Jones, Kurt Robinson, Lisa Brown, the Young Democrats at Washington State University, and are currently in the process of confirming endorsements from the Whitman County Democrats, Asotin County Democratas, UA Local 598, the Young Democrats of Washington, IUPAT DC 5, Democracy for America, and other constituency groups and organizations.

  1. Do you support the right of workers (excluding military) to bargain and strike?


  1. Do you support affirmative action?


  1. What role should government play in the healthcare system?

I believe in more healthcare, for more people, at a more affordable cost. I plan to champion any piece of legislation that moves toward that goal.

  1. Do you support a woman’s right to choose?


  1. What is the main message of your campaign?

I’m running to represent the 9th Legislative District because I

have personally felt the effects of an economy, healthcare and education system, and campaign finance structure which fails to seat everyone at the table. My priority is to build our communities up, bring economic growth and family wage jobs to our district, and address the concerns of working families in Eastern Washington that have been continually ignored.

Once elected, I intend to work closely with sitting elected officials from both parties to increase opportunities in our region by implementing legislation which incentivizes small business growth and renewable energy job market growth, promotes state-certified trade, apprenticeship and tech programs, fully funds education from Pre-K to Ph.D, emphasizes rural broadband and general infrastructure improvements across our state, and establishes a healthcare system that covers more people for less.

  1. What are the 3 most pressing issues facing your jurisdiction?

Increasing economic growth and family-wage jobs.

Affordability and accessibility of educational opportunities.

Rising costs of healthcare and insurance coverage.

  1. List the contributions you have made to the Inland Northwest of which you are most proud.

I proudly serve as an officer candidate in the Washington State Army National Guard, and dedicate much of my time to community service on three local boards, including the Whitman County Planning Commission, the Pullman Police Advisory Committee and the Pullman Board of Adjustment.

  1. Regardless of the race outcome, will you remain involved in your local Democratic Party?


  1. If you are a candidate in a contested primary race, and if you do not receive the nomination, is there any reason why you will not support your Democratic opponent in the General Election?


  1. Is there anything in your past that if promoted by the media or an opposing party would prove particularly embarrassing to you or the Democratic Party?

A Spokesman Review article was published about events that transpired at the Washington Democratic Party’s quarterly meeting on April 22, 2017 which included factual errors and misrepresented the timeline of events leading to my involvement. We reached out to the Spokesman Review for corrections, and issued a comprehensive, vetted press release and corroborating witness statement following the published article. Our response was well-received and public opinion generally seemed to view the article as a hit piece desperately attempting to connect me to this event. I do not necessarily anticipate this issue being brought back up, but understand that it may as the campaign continues. I am confident that we dealt with this incident in a professional manner, and there is nothing in my past that is illegal, unethical, immoral or otherwise embarrassing that could reflect poorly on me or the Democratic Party.

  1. Candidate Verification offers a service to assist in verifying accuracy of background information you provide. We encourage you to look into this option. Would you consider this?


  1. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so please explain.


  1. What else would you like us to know about you? You may attach a current resume.

In the interests of strengthening the Democratic Party and the ability of the party to support me or any other candidate, I pledge to uphold high ethical standards. I understand that this questionnaire may be amended from time to time and agree to submit additional information should it be requested. I am very excited to have the support of the Spokane County Democratic Party and I look forward to the blue wave in 2018.