Jessa Lewis, Candidate for 6th LD Senate


Professional Skills + Accomplishments

Developed outreach programs and materials for Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) to communicate energy security initiatives and to over 80,000 soldiers and their families to satisfy presidential mandate of reducing energy consumption 30%.

Documented retrofits of JBLM facilities for $1.3mil/year energy savings to garner support for future projects.

Managed database of 90,000 prospective voters and registered 200 new voters in one month while facilitating three town hall meetings and two debates.

Creation of digital and print media to spark conversations and ignite action for business and non-profit organizations such as Exo Labs, Haiti Babi, and Seattle Works.

Campaign management and media creation for five successful crowd-funding campaigns raising almost $450K total.

Worked with radio, print and online media to promote events that welcomed over 5,000 people.

Researched Federal policy and tribal relations at decommissioned uranium mine and the resulting impacts on local residents for published paper for The Evergreen State College and gave two lectures to faculty and students on findings.

Successful planning and execution of almost fifty concerts, two movie pre-screenings, eight conferences and fifteen lectures.

Held seven benefit events and raised over $200k for charitable causes.


MBA, Sustainable Energy Solutions, Community Development
2010 – 2013 Activities and Societies: Net Impact, Diversity and Social Justice, Mascot

BA, Sustainable Resource Development and Policy
2008 – 2010


Eastern Washington Director, Healthcare for All – WA, 2017- Present

Freelance, Media Creator and Marketing Strategist, 2010- Present

Special Elections Coordinator, WA State Democrats, 2017

Executive Director, Tenants Union of Washington, 2017

Dir. of Marketing & Brand Development, Nectar Craft/Circanna, 2015-2016

General Manager & Marketing Director, Dockside Cannabis, 2014-2015

Marketing Coordinator, Earth Day Spokane, 2012-2013

Intern, Carbon War Room, 2011

Energy Conservation Outreach, JBLM, DoD/Versar, 2010

Lead Researcher, Midnite Mine Superfund Site, TESC, 2009

Coordinated Campaign Bellingham, 2008



Community outreach, Stakeholder engagement, Project management, Event planning, Problem solving, Strategy and planning, Recruiting/HR, Media relations, Training Graphic design, Video & photography, Social media, Business development, Marketing and sales

Software Skills

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Keynote, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, NationBuilder, NGPVAN, VoteBuilder, QuickBooks, Basic website design

About me

My experience spans the fields of politics, environmental education, natural economy, tribal issues, energy security, communication and marketing. I frequently volunteer my time and services working campaigns and advising candidates and organizers on strategies and tactics.

SCW King County Democrats, 2016-2017

National Delegate and Delegation Comm. Director for Sen. Bernie Sanders, 2016

State Delegate for Pres. Barack Obama, 2008

Spokane County Democrats 2018 Partisan Certification /Endorsement Questionnaire

Name: Jessa Lewis

Position Sought: 6th  LD State Senate

Campaign Address: PO BOX 8755, Spokane, WA 99203

Campaign Manager: Connor Gragg             Campaign Phone: (509) 481-9151

E-Mail:               Web Page:


Please answer the following questions. Please reply with a yes, no, or an explanation. Use a separate piece of paper for your answers or you may edit this document including your responses. The completed questionnaire can be e-mailed to Elliot Fabric, Endorsement Committee Chair, at or mail to: Elliot Fabric, Endorsement Committee Chairperson, Spokane County Democratic Central Committee,

1912 N Division #100, Spokane, Washington 99207

  1. Why are you a Democrat? Are you known as a Democrat? If not, explain.

While I identified as an evangelical Republican in my early years, life has taken me on a profound and humbling journey where I have committed full heartedly as a Democrat. I’m proud of being awarded the Warren G. Magnuson “Rising Star” Award by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, and being a delegate to the state convention in 2008 and national convention in 2016. T

  1. How long have you been registered to vote? Have you missed any elections in the past three years?

I registered when I was 18. I did not vote in 2015 but have not missed a primary, general, or special election since.

  1. Do you support the Spokane County Democratic Platform, Why or Why Not? (see

I do support the platform, however there is one phrase in there that is problematic in my view. Saying “we are a nation of immigrants” erases the indigenous peoples in America who were displaced and killed and have struggled greatly to survive and ensure their culture survives. I hope with the next iteration of our platform that we can stand in stronger solidarity with our native communities.

  1. What ratings or endorsements have you received to date?

I have verbal commitments from multiple unions and elected officials and am going through the formal process to procure the official endorsements. Ben Stuckart and Kate Burke are two key supporters and can name more over the next couple of days.

  1. Do you support the right of workers (excluding military) to bargain and strike?


  1. Do you support affirmative action?


  1. What role should government play in the healthcare system?

I support a single payer system, and currently work full time in procuring “universal, publicly funded, single-payer, not-for-profit, comprehensive health care preserving consumer choice” in Olympia with Health Care for All – WA as the Eastern Washington Director.

  1. Do you support a woman’s right to choose?


  1. What is the main message of your campaign?

The 6th LD is long overdue for someone who is going to understand and fight for the needs of the community.

  1. What are the 3 most pressing issues facing your jurisdiction?

Healthcare, education, infrastructure investments.

  1. List the contributions you have made to the Inland Northwest of which you are most proud.
  • This last session in Olympia I was a part of a team that got single payer further than any year prior, and we have a plan to finish the job next year.
  • I helped lead the effort to revitalize the Democratic Party in the state of Washington and am beyond proud of what we have built and how we are now paying attention to the entire state.
  • Helped launch a over a dozen startups and a brand new industry.
  1. Regardless of the race outcome, will you remain involved in your local Democratic Party?


  1. If you are a candidate in a contested primary race, and if you do not receive the nomination, is there any reason why you will not support your Democratic opponent in the General Election?

As long as the other candidate is ethical and represents the values of the party I would absolutely support them.

  1. Is there anything in your past that if promoted by the media or an opposing party would prove particularly embarrassing to you or the Democratic Party?

Candidate Verification offers a service to assist in verifying accuracy of background information you provide. We encourage you to look into this option. Would you consider this?

Absolutely, it’s why I reached out to and hired one of the top consultant firms in the state.

  1. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? “If so please explain”


  1. What else would you like us to know about you? You may attach a current resume.

Please see resume.