Rion Ametu, Candidate for the 6th LD Representative, Position 2


Career Snapshot

  • Five years of commended performance in quality assurance, sales and support roles.
  • Expert in customer care/communications, problem solving, relationship building and support.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, and SharePoint Accolades
  • “Outstanding with customers, great salesman and a fast learner.” – Tim Wefel,


  • “Fastest and most precise worker in the company.” – Bill Shaw, Prince Telecom
  • Honored military veteran (Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Computer Skills

Windows 9.x – Windows 8, DOS, UNIX, Android/Linux, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, HTML

Mission Statement

Strive to exceed customer/ employer expectations by delivering second-to-none service. Maintain customer centricity in all initiatives and interactions, always putting the customer first.

Customer Service & Support Specialist

Offering an excellent track record of Military service with an energetic, professional and strong work ethic.  Strong problem solving, project management, program management, decision analysis, proposal development, and computing skills.  Have received multiple Performance awards.  Strong understanding of key economic, social, and political trends market wide. Demonstrated ability to learn multiple applications and processes quickly. Proven ability to work as a self-starter in a collaborative team setting as well as lead and manage multiple programs, processes, and people concurrently. Successful application of innovation and process improvements that positively impacts the company’s strategic position and financial performance.

Military  —   Security  —  Domestic Installation — Customer Care

Key Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Troubleshooting/ Problem Solving
  • Up-Selling/Sales Support
  • Multitasking
  • Marketing Planning and Analysis
  • Technical/User Support

Professional Experience

USN  Pearl Harbor, HI – Sonar Technician, 2000-2006
Operated complicated machinery in high stress and cramped environment.
 Prince telecom  — Sumner, WA Cable Repair/Installation 2012-2013   
Provided telephone, online and face-to-face customer service/support from fast-paced field work (handling an average of 6-10 installs daily), while maintaining superior performance numbers.Comcast/Xfinity – Auburn, WA                        Xifinity Sales Professional,                             2013-2016

Xfinity Sales Professional, Customer service representative. Door to Door Sales. Ranked 36th of 175 Sales Professionals.

PowerHandling – Post Falls, ID               Customer Service    2016

Hired to facilitate change into outside sales position. 

Econoheat – Spokane, WA       In-House Sales    2016 – 2017

Procure and manage new leads. Cold call and mine new leads through BBB and Manta. Connect and build rapport via telephone communication and email. Maintain rapport during long sales cycles (1-3yrs).

RVs Northwest– Spokane Valley, WA 2017– 2018

RV Cleaning and Detailing.

Self Employed, Lyft & Uber, Spokane WA Present


  • More than 10 years’ successful experience in operational support with recognized strengths in problem-solving and trouble-shooting.
  • Exceptional working knowledge using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Windows 9x – Windows 8, DOS, UNIX and more.
  • Strong ability to motivate, train, and supervise employees.
  • A team player, acknowledged as “Customer Service Professional.”
  • 4 Years of quality control experience as repair parts supervisor. Planning/implementing proactive procedures and systems to avoid potential problems.

Synopsis of Achievements

  • Repaired and upgraded sonar system hardware.
  • Proactive planning and preventive maintenance led to notable decrease in equipment malfunctions and downtime.
  • Responsible for submarine navigation and safety as Sonar Supervisor at age 24.
  • Responsible for safety and maintenance of submarine and crew while in port as Petty Officer of the Deck at age 25.
  • Great customer satisfaction records.


Morningside Highschool 1994-1998

DeVry University, Long Beach. 2010-2012

Computer Technology/Engineering

Spokane Falls Community College, Present

Electrical Engineering

Spokane County Democrats 2018 Partisan Certification /Endorsement Questionnaire

Name:   Rion Ametu                          Position Sought: State Representative 6th LD

Campaign Address:                                 Campaign Manager:

P.O. Box   10044                                        Campaign Phone: 509-426-4791

Candidate Phone:     ———-                 Cell:     253-517-0686

E-Mail:       Web Page: RionAmetu.Vote

  1. Why are you a Democrat? Are you known as a Democrat? If not, explain.

The historic purpose, the calling of the Democratic Party is to be the party of the people.  Not until recent events have I ever questioned direction and motives of the party. I’ve been a Democrat my entire adult life. I intend to bring the Democratic Party back to its roots as the party of the working people.

  1. How long have you been registered to vote? Have you missed any elections in the past three years?

I’ve been registered to vote since 1998 as a Democrat. I have not missed any elections.

  1. Do you support the Spokane County Democratic Platform, Why or Why Not? (see

I do support our platform. I would go a step further and champion a reattachment of productivity to wages via unionization and fostering true competition in our economy by ending tax breaks and windfalls for large multi-million dollar corporations while encouraging medium and small business with a fair tax exemption.

  1. What ratings or endorsements have you received to date?

Shar Lichty

  1. Do you support the right of workers (excluding military) to bargain and strike?

Yes. And I explicitly encourage such actions. Income and Wage disparity is out of control. The only option for workers families is to demand change through united and peaceful demonstrations.

  1. Do you support affirmative action?

Yes. Progress has been made but we still have work to do.

  1. What role should government play in the healthcare system?

Yes. Government has the moral and ethical responsibility to promote general welfare and the common good. 45,000 people die each year from lack of healthcare coverage. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  1. Do you support a woman’s right to choose?


  1. What is the main message of your campaign?

We, as American’s, have been divided into groups. “Left vs. right”, “us vs. them”, “light skinned vs. dark skinned” and sadly this is by design. Separate we are weak.  As a result, we’re all fighting for our families and loved ones as individuals. Fighting not to live, but just to survive. We must stand together if we’re to secure our future. We must unite. Unite, then WE fight.

  1. What are the 3 most pressing issues facing your jurisdiction?

Housing costs, wage suppression, Healthcare and childcare costs. All combine to create fragile and unsustainable living conditions for all working families. A $1,000 emergency would bankrupt half of our residents. Building low income housing, fighting for higher wages through unionization and providing healthcare and childcare as state run institutions would do much to combat these destructive trends.

  1. List the contributions you have made to the Inland Northwest of which you are most proud.

I served our country in the Navy; the proudest moment in my life.

  1. Regardless of the race outcome, will you remain involved in your local Democratic Party?


  1. If you are a candidate in a contested primary race, and if you do not receive the nomination, is there any reason why you will not support your Democratic opponent in the General Election?

No. But to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, “In the century in which we live, the Democratic Party has received the support of the electorate only when the party, with absolute clarity, has been the champion of progressive and liberal policies and principles of government.”

Regardless of the election outcome, I will continue to fight for policies that promote the prosperity and stability of the middle class. Assuming the Democratic Party and its candidates also values these principals; they can absolutely count on my support.

  1. Is there anything in your past that if promoted by the media or an opposing party would prove particularly embarrassing to you or the Democratic Party?No.

Candidate Verification offers a service to assist in verifying accuracy of background information you provide. We encourage you to look into this option. Would you consider this?


(Your response will not influence your request for endorsement.)

  1. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? “If so please explain “