Matthew Sutherland – Representative for Washington District 5, Democrat

From the candidate:

We are not simply a campaign, we are a movement to energize the Fifth Congressional District and resuscitate a party that is on life support. Now, more than ever, is the time to get people involved in politics. A friend once said, “You may not take an interest in politics, but politics takes an interest in you.” In this critical moment where the Working Class has been left behind, we can no longer pass off a stacked deck as just a bad deal.

#DemEnter is the side of the debate that says we should be a part of the Party and mold it into a Party of the People. That all the things we have a problem with (corporate influence, tipping scales, lobbying interests, a lack of small donor emphasis, etc.) can be solved by us entering the Party en masse. Precinct Committee Officers vote for County and Legislative District leadership, who votes for the Sate Party leadership, and they in turn vote at the DNC. In WA State, we have had countless people become leaders in the Party at all levels, and we see record number of new and young Party members in positions of power. If there was ever a time in WA State, it is now.

If #DemEnter is to work, we must drive onward together, and we can’t afford to take our foot off the pedal. The three pillars of our movement are:

1. To get Young Americans and fresh faces involved in their local Democratic organization,

2. To get the Working Class, Young Americans, and Marginalized Voices on the front lines of leadership and into elected office, and

3. To reform the Democratic Party to be one that is no longer an elitist run machine that serves as a slave to the interests of the top 1%, but one that serves the interests of the people.

Fresh faces are fresh concepts, and the Democratic Party vitally needs the capitalist marketplace of ideas to be filled and no longer constrained by the tight grip of the 1%. We will be holding events and doing a video series on the nuances of party politics; we will pass down the knowledge and experiences we have attained to engineer a more accessible Party. We will publish meeting times and teach people about being a Precinct Committee Officer, about Party Structure, and the rest of the subject matter that would be unfamiliar to newcomers.

What we consider the most important part of this movement is that we will lead a forceful charge to bring Young Americans and Marginalized Voices into the front lines of party leadership, and put them into local offices. We will not rest until we have someone running in everything from dog catcher to the WA State Senate and Representative positions. We will be a thunderous voice that no earplugs will be able to silence.

And we will have your back every step of the way. We will be holding seminars, Q and A sessions, and Facebook Live events, as well as making instructional videos to include everything from opening a business bank account to developing strategy, to get you the resources you deserve. Our goal is to knock on doors for every local candidate with us.

Finally, with a large disconnect between party elites and those they are supposed to serve, we can no longer afford to watch the Democratic Party burn while we reject the the people that are carrying the buckets of water. The Democratic Party needs reform. Check out how we intend on tackling that here.

This movement needs YOU to be successful. It is about you, for you, and we will stand together to bring the changes to America that are so critical.