I-1600 Whole Washington/Universal Healthcare

Whole Washington is an ambitious group of citizens and healthcare professionals, determined to bring universal healthcare coverage to Washington State through a ballot initiative. Our organization was formed in January 2017, and since then we have been getting endorsements and supporters from all over the state.

Be sure to read our FAQs and the Executive Summary of the study by Dr. Gerald Friedman that demonstrates that Washington State will save $9 billion annually with a universal healthcare system.

Whole Washington believes healthcare is a human right, which is why we are also working to get all of our Washington State representatives to co-sponsor HR 676 and S. 1804 nationally. There are three bills in the Washington state legislature that Whole Washington supports as well.

But if these important bills don’t pass, we are prepared to gather signatures to take the question to the people. Recent polls show that 64% of Washington state residents want medicare expanded to provide universal healthcare coverage to all Americans.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so online via ActBlueCrowdPac, or you send checks to:

Whole Washington
PO Box 17500
Seattle, WA 98127

Thanks very much for your support! Call for questions: (971) 716-1865.